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Hebei Hengying Special lifting equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of lifting equipment for 15 years. Our own R&D team, application of advanced design methods, and continuous development of market-applicable products have kept the company in a favorable position.

  The company mainly produces and customizes: explosion-proof electric hoist, explosion-proof hand chain hoist, explosion-proof hand monorail trolley, explosion-proof electric chain hoist, explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, explosion-proof sling and other series of explosion-proof products. Stainless steel chain hoists, stainless steel electric hoists, stainless steel monorail trolleys, stainless steel electric chain hoists, stainless steel slings and other series of stainless steel products, aluminum alloy chain hoists, aluminum alloy lever hoists, and ordinary lifting equipment.


Hengying Lifting Equipment


  The company has fully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the title of China's quality inspection promotion product, and the product quality responsibility is contracted by the People's Insurance Company of China (PICC). National Explosion-proof Qualification Certificate EX, Production License of the National Ministry of Machinery. Contract-honoring, trustworthy enterprise and many other honors and titles! The ever-increasing awareness of high-quality goods and a steady stream of industrial high-quality goods make the world's machinery and equipment industry change with each passing day. No matter how the world changes, Hengying people's spirit of excellence remains unchanged. Hengying people adhere to the tenet of "establishing business with integrity, quality-oriented", with the concept of "new technology, new products, and new services", with the goal of "creating a new benchmark in the field of lifting equipment", and with "high technology, "High-level, high-quality" is the core, and always insist on providing users with products and services that do not need to be lifted in the environment, and are satisfactory!

  Looking forward to the future, Hengying keeps pace with the times, pioneers and innovates, and welcomes Chinese and foreign friends for guidance.