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DHBS Runing Type Explosion-Proof Electric Chain Hoist




The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is an explosion-proof lifting equipment designed and manufactured by my country's new explosion-proof standard. Its explosion-proof form is "explosion-proof". The exposed explosion-proof parts of the hoist are made of special non-sparking materials, and the explosion-proof performance is safe and reliable. The product has passed the explosion-proof performance test of the Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, and issued an explosion-proof certificate. It is mainly divided into explosion-proof wire rope electric and explosion-proof electric chain hoist. HHBD/DHBS-ZH/DHBT/DHBK explosion-proof electric chain hoist, specifications and sizes can be customized!


  Structural characteristics of explosion-proof electric hoist:

  1. The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is composed of several parts that can be disassembled separately. It is very convenient to use, maintain and repair, and can shorten the repair cycle.

  2. The explosion-proof motor and explosion-proof control box are separate explosion-proof structures. The control buttons, limit switches, and explosion-proof lifting weight limiter all meet the corresponding explosion-proof requirements.

  3. The parts are widely used and interchangeable.

  4. The reducer adopts standard modular cylindrical gears, which is convenient for maintenance