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HYBDB Stationary Type Explosion-Proof Electric Chain Hoist


Dust explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a kind of "explosion-proof" lifting equipment. According to the use environment, it is divided into gas explosion-proof and dust-proof explosion-proof. The usage methods include fixed suspension type, running suspension type, and manual explosion-proof sports car or electric explosion-proof sports car installation. It is used when walking left and right on the I-beam track. The exposed and explosion-proof parts of the explosion-proof electric hoist are made of special non-sparking materials. During operation, the products will not produce mechanical sparks when they collide with each other. They will not detonate gas in flammable and explosive places, effectively preventing fire accidents and ensuring customer property and personal life. Safety.

Explosion-proof grade: ExtDA21 IP65 T135°C
Applicable to factory environment: dust-tight working area in zone 21


Use common sense of dust explosion-proof electric chain hoist:

1. Choose a suitable type of electric chain hoist to avoid overloading.

2. Check the electric chain hoist before use to see if there are any signs of wear, gaps, etc., if any, replace it in time.

3. The operator must wear the corresponding dust-proof protective gear to avoid adverse effects on the body caused by the special environment.

4. When the electric hoist lifts heavy objects, the heavy objects should be hung on the center of gravity of the hook to avoid the phenomenon of heavy objects falling.

5. When lifting heavy objects, do not lift them diagonally to avoid swaying of the heavy objects and increase the load of the chain.

6. Make heavy objects rise at a constant speed, and don't rush for success.

7. When lifting, people should not stand under the dropped heavy objects to prevent the heavy objects from falling and causing danger.

For the use of dust explosion-proof electric hoist, it must be standardized. I hope everyone can read the manual before using the equipment, and start working after getting familiar with the equipment and specifications in detail to avoid accidents. If you still don’t know anything, you can contact us at any time. Our factory specializes in the production of dust explosion-proof electric chain hoists.