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Hebei Hengying special Lifting Equipment Manufacturing Co. LTD

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address:Donglv Development Zone, Qingyuan District, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China.

We have an enthusiastic and strong technical support and service team, a guaranteed supply of spare parts, a full set of maintenance tools, rich on-site construction experience, practical training materials, dedicated communication and service vehicles, we follow the ISO9001 quality management system Requirements, strengthen information feedback, quality control, and rectification measures, continue to provide users with high-quality products and satisfactory services, and track customer service projects and visit home visits.

    We have a service hotline to provide customers with spare parts and services in time, and provide overall and technical support. And according to the different needs of customers, we tailor-made service solutions for each customer to meet customers' daily continuous production needs and relieve worries.




We have a management model and a strict quality control system, which have been fully approved by our customers. We provide customers with turnkey projects, packaging, transportation, installation and acceptance will all be handled by our company, and provide full project management services.

    If you need to train your explosion-proof hoist operators, if you need to replace parts, if your crane is faulty, or your crane’s performance cannot meet the requirements of your factory... If you have any questions about logistics handling, please contact us.

    Our technical service network is ready to provide you with consulting and services, and provide you with one-stop services: pre-sale technical solutions, equipment installation, spare parts supply or repair, maintenance services, emergency repair services, equipment modification services, And provide training.


Spare parts
    The company guarantees to provide customers with low-cost accessories for a long time, and guarantees to provide long-term technical information such as accessories atlas, maintenance manuals and so on. After the product is technically improved, the company guarantees that the customer's equipment can operate normally and meet the supply of equipment accessories. If customers are in urgent need of accessories, our company will provide support quickly.