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What are the main functions of the cover shell of explosion

Release time:2024-06-15popularity:
The main functions of the shell lifting of the explosion-proof electric hoist are: beautiful appearance and maintenance of internal parts.
Beautiful appearance: The shell will be made into some beautiful colors to hide the internal parts. It will make the whole gourd look more beautiful. In addition, it can also greatly reduce the dust entering the interior of the electric hoist, so as to avoid excessive dust damage to the internal components.
Maintenance of internal parts: First, avoid the dust, snow, catkins and other debris into the interior, will affect the use of chain electric hoist. On the other hand, when the chain electric hoist is subjected to external impact, play a maintenance role. The shell is forced first, so as to reduce the internal stress position. Minor damage to the housing will not affect service. And the price is lower than the motor, can save part of the cost.
If the chain electric hoist cover dirt, should be carefully scrubbed and maintained. Do not scrub with steel balls, stiff brushes, etc. This will cause the lid to wear and may cause the paint to fall off and rust over a long period of time. Cleaning is as simple as putting a few drops of cooking oil on the lid and wiping off the grease with a cloth. Use a clean cloth to clean the remaining oil.