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What are the precautions for using explosion-proof electric

Release time:2024-06-15popularity:
Explosion-proof electric hoist is our country according to the explosion-proof standard design and manufacture of explosion-proof hoisting equipment, its exposed explosion-proof parts are made of special materials, with safe and reliable explosion-proof performance. Even so, the user should follow the operation procedure in the manual when using, so as not to damage the equipment and cause accidents. Once again to remind you that no matter what kind of electric hoist is used, we should follow the operating rules. The following are some precautions for the use of explosion-proof electric hoist.
1, explosion-proof electric hoist should be noted before use
Before use, the need for experienced operators, they must read the product manual, master explosion-proof safety operation procedures. Familiar with working principle of electric hoist. In addition, the commonly used parts such as wire rope, hook, lifting, flashlight door, hammock, etc. should be carefully checked to see whether there is any defect or damage, and confirm safety and reliability before use. Before lifting operation, empty car test can be carried out to check whether the machine works normally.


2, the use of explosion-proof electric hoist should pay attention to several problems
In use, determine the weight can be lifted, operate again, prohibit overload operation. When lifting, the people who can not stand below, the people who can not stand in the bucket, the electric hoist has not stopped, do not rush up and down items. When lifting, pay attention to three "do not", do not tilt lifting objects, do not drag objects horizontally, do not bury objects.
Also be careful not to use the limiter as a switch, because the limiter is an emergency safety device to prevent the hook from not stopping in time for takeoff and landing, and not as a switch. When lifting, if the motor is hot or has abnormal sound, it should stop working immediately and remove the fault.
3, explosion-proof electric hoist after use should pay attention to the problem
After use, should immediately cut off the main power supply of explosion-proof electric hoist, do not work, not heavy hanging in the air, on the one hand is not safe, on the other hand is to prevent component deformation. In order to maintain good equipment performance, every 10-15 days should be explosion-proof electric hoist for periodic inspection, found problems should immediately stop using, maintenance. It is worth noting that when repairing the motor, control box, limit switch and button switch, if the shell needs to be removed, the power supply should be cut off first for operation.
Above is the use of explosion-proof electric hoist precautions, in order to you can see clearly, specially divided into attention: before use, in use, after use, I hope you can pay attention to the above matters, and regularly check and maintain the equipment, after operation can immediately power off.