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Explosion-proof electric hoist explosion-proof motor charact

Release time:2024-06-15popularity:
Explosion-proof electric hoist is flameproof, its motor, electrical control box, overload limiter are flameproof, through the isolation of flammable and explosive substances outside, and achieve the effect of explosion-proof.
Flameproof motor: flameproof conical rotor motor (hereinafter referred to as flameproof motor) is used for lifting and operation. It has the characteristics of producing axial magnetic pull force. The motor starts and brakes with the help of axial magnetic pull force, springs and brake wheels.
The working principle is as follows: When starting, the magnetic pull force overcomes the pressure of the brake spring, so that the rotor and the fan brake wheel connected with the rotor produce axial displacement of about 1 ~ 1.5mm, (BZDY11-BZD41 type backward, BZD51-BZD62 type forward, attention should be paid when adjusting) so that the brake ring on the brake wheel and the back end cover are off, and the rotor runs and reaches the working state. When the power is off, the magnetic tension disappears, under the action of the pressure spring, the brake wheel and the rear end cover are pressed, relying on the friction torque generated by the brake ring, in an instant to achieve braking.
Flameproof electrical control box, control button and electrical principle: flameproof electrical control box is installed on the left side of the reducer or the opposite side of the running device and the motor. The power supply enters the box through the soft cable power introducer. The control box is connected with the control button, the limiter and the motor through the cable.
Explosion-proof overload limiter: according to user needs, can add explosion-proof overload limiter, it is in the lifting operation to prevent overload safety protection device, when the lifting weight reaches 95% rated load automatic alarm, 105%, automatically cut off the power supply, to achieve the purpose of overload protection.